Everyone have a choice, the right to choose what they desire. But the rights being liberal doesn't mean that we have the right to make our choices suave. Our decisions what we make define who we are. The decisions maybe wrong for the right reasons or right for the wrong reasons. Our distinguishing ability between good and bad must improve as we age from infant to adult. Most of the time we litigate the situation between good and bad depending on the type of experience we encounter. Every good choice we make in our lives is just like a pixel where as the number of good choices we make in our life increase, the quality of our life increases helping us to make the best use of every minute and making it meaningful and right in our lives putting a smile on our faces. People make wrong choices for the present satisfaction but for the future regret.

It can start from our childhood days whether making the decision to accept sweets from strangers to choosing our friends if they instill and bring out the positive qualities from us, to either attract or repel against peer pressure of smoking, drinking, partying in clubs,..etc..., to choosing our life partner in the future. A single wrong decision can be like napalm starting a chain of reactions exploding in our minds. Always loathe the bad and like the good. Do not be pivoting around the wrong decisions in your life and make it swallow you, Get out from it, start a new life of new beginnings making GOOD as our "Gesture Of Our Doing" everything in our lives. Good is a nasturtium producing positives in different situations. Do not be fidgeting around duping yours and others life. In our school and college days, we find pleasure in being with our friends enjoying every bit of our time with them not realizing if it is good or bad. Finding the perfect friend is like a needle in the haystack and if u have found one, you are fortunate. We, often move towards the wrong path to succeed leaving behind the great treasure the good path holds for us which we can discover only when we undergo sufferings.

Live and Love your life
Be the Best in everything that is good
Be wise in your decisions
Be good and do good to others
And you will taste the fortune.
Master your choice
Carve the details
Make it complete and good
Live it
Immerse yourself in it
Witness the fruits of success.

Choose to live what is good and

Good will choose to live in you.




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