Broken Reminiscences, Shattered Memories

Janet Nivedha
May 20, 2019   •  210 views

Definitely a pain to fail to recall memories that are to be cherished. We throughout our life starting from their entry into this world encounter innumerable acts of love, affection..etc. through our daily experiences. Our regular inclination being not to overlook those remembrances. Every acquaintance we make in our lives, helping us to familiarize with the people, the situation, that moment takes a seat in our memories never to be wiped out.

For those are the incidents that play a huge part in out lives making it fruitful and complete. All the conflicts, quarrels, squabbles we encounter are just stepping Stones to happiness. Each one of us undergo different circumstances, can be either joyful or melancholy where either one can outweigh the other. Every being in our life history is very important to us, playing vital role, making our lives meaningful and complete. We would never detach from our memories unless encountered by unfortunate events that wash away all our memoirs. Well, who would want to have such an incident that carries away all our memories to the seat of Oblivion never to be treasured again?? People having the sickness of mind are to be pitied as they forget their real self as try to understand the unfamiliar current self. That sickness is none other than amnesia.

They try to understand their character, their way of behavior to others, trying to comprehend their new life. They gain new attitudes showing that our present experiences mould and shape our mindsets, our beliefs, viewpoints, approaches depending on their will to change for the better good of building a deep character overflowing with good qualities. It is quite uncommon for those people to accept their new self and reject their way of living. They confront this obstacle trying to bring the pieces together and solve the memory but in vain. This results in attempting cruel life threatening activities causing harm to others and if the mind profoundly confused, to themselves. But there are some people who approve, acknowledge and embrace their new life. They adopt the unfamiliar moments, they face and accept the idea of either facing the fate or luck for whatever encounter they are unprepared. They embark on the journey of suprise, new acquaintances to cherish these moments. They embody every event and throw their love and affection threefold to avoid being forgotten.

Well, this article is in tribute to this really depressing video where a wife forgets her husband after just few days of marriage following an accident that completely changed her life and her family circle.

Do check out the below link:

Never forget the people,
That took the heat,
To make your life beautiful,
That made every sacrifice,
For your orifice,
To joy, happiness, love and achievement.
People realise the importance,
Of their acquaintance,
Only when they choose,
To lose,
The moments that hold great value.
Always hold gratitude,
To the multitudes,
Of people who made your life whole.
If you choose to forget,
You will choose to regret.
And when the unfavorable time comes,
That completely diminishes,
All your memories,
You will be forever lost,
For it is the cost,
Of your fate,
Because it's too late.

Live every moment!!
Be in every moment!
Cherish it!!
Live it!