Best Thrills To Be Experienced In Life

Janet Nivedha
May 15, 2019   •  171 views

Thrills must always be in our to do list. They are our adrenalin producers.
Experience the best Thrills,
To get the chills,
In our spines,
To spill,
The adrenalin out
And to make every second of it count.

There are different experiences that are Thrill kings. According to me, here are a few:
Sky diving
Deep sea diving
Hot air balloon
Sky diving:

Imagine falling from the sky 10000 feet from the ground. Well, that's a funny story. But funny stories do come true. Here is a chance for you to experience the best time of your life. Sky diving has always been everyone's wish including mine. Well, it is dangerous, recommended for people 18years above of age. Around 3 million people every year have these adrenalin enriched experience. Basically in this, the people ready to take on this flight are strapped and well protected with a parachute. They are taken to great heights in a helicopter or plane upto maybe 5000-10000 feet and when they are ready to take on this amazing journey of flying with a beautiful view provided to them, they are let out into the air breathing it, letting it fill in the lungs, letting the adrenalin be produced filling them. They jump into the atmosphere filled with vibes of energy. Scientifically, they fall by gravity. Basically, it's falling with style. When they are nearing ground, they pull the string to open the parachute and gradually and gracefully land on the ground. Also you are accompanied with a professional.

Best places to have this experience:
New Zealand
Zambia, Africa
Mount Everest, Nepal
Washington DC
Deep sea diving:

Scuba diving is another venture into a different world- water. You get to see the beautiful sea creatures below, their nature, way of living, how one influences another and many more. It is an extraordinary moment that involves great courage and diving skills to exhibit the proper movenments in the water. The person about to jump and make this venture is equipped with all the necessities such as rebreather cylinder, helmet/mask, regulator..etc. for precautions against low oxygen, high pressure..etc. These are all sports involving fun filled jaw dropping moments. The other water sports include surfing. It is a well balance demanding sport. One or two persons if an expert surf through the gracefully moving water waves balancing well on the surf board. The competition arises where how long the surfer can stay on board, can he/she withstand the height of the wave and if he/she can surf inside the tunnel of the wave perfectly at it's eye. Also motor boat rides, rafting are also on the to do list having memorable family experiences.

Best places:
Galapagos islands
Fiji islands
Hot air balloon:

According to the safety point of view, this is the safest air sport. It basically is done during the coolest times of the day. It consists of a combination of heat produces by burning propane and air in the balloon. The basket below supported by the balloon has the passengees enjoying the view. This is a motionless movenment where you would not experience any moving sensation since it moves with the wind. Also getting a beautiful landscape of the place. On the whole it holds a package of serenity and sharp view as an eagle in the sky. This is one of the best family to be experienced moments.

Best places:
New Mexico
New Zealand

Hope u guys enjoyed.....
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