People feel very tedious to work under the control of others whereas other people like to be ordered.These people are the one who possess Pessimistic qualities and lack leadership skills.This doesn't mean that people who want to be commanded possess greater leadership skills .The difference is that these people differ in the approach of Art of managing the people around them.Entrepreneurship paves the wave to start up their own business and become their own Boss .The following are the things which tells why we need entrepreneurship business to do in our life.


People prefer 9 to 5 work schedule but this schedule makes them bored as they worked for longer period of time.They feel that they lose the wealth of life. The monotonous work which we do in our day to day life makes us feel stressed in that particular domain if no rotational work schedule is maintained in the organization.

There arises the idea of entrepreneurship where people become innovative and creative to establish their own business startup to get rid of the 9 to 5 monotonous work.Entrepreneurship is a good idea for the people who are creative.

One's own Boss

People who doesn't want to be controlled are the ones who feel the need of entrepreneurship.Making ourselves the boss is really a prestigious thing and even a good thing for economic development.

When becoming one boss there is no need to be controlled except in uncertain circumstances entrepreneurship is a good idea to become one's own boss and establish one's own business life.


One who is strategical enough to run the business can go for entrepreneurship because strategic decision is an essential part of the organisation.The expansion in the business environment keeps them at pace in the market economy with good rating and position and it is the need of the hour in today's market economy. Statistical person synonyms for entrepreneurship.

To live in reality

For the persons who are very concerned about living in the present than worrying about the past or future fix the start for entrepreneurship. They feel the need to innovate new business ideas and implement it in order to enjoy a reality life in their own mind set and well-being for the people in the economy.

Entrepreneurship is a business which boost economy and gives oneself confidence to administer people has a whole and to manage the risk in life as well as business.By reading this article most of us would think about Entrepreneurship and starting a new business!