Most of the people a very nervous when giving interview. It is impossible to deliver better performance in the interview without predicting and preparing for the questions asked in the interview excluding some of the the intolerable circumstances. The initial question asked in most of the interview is

Tell me about yourself

The interviewer doesn't want to know about yourself but he want to know how well you are equipped to do this job. Let us explore the mantra how to answer the about question.

Tell your interest

The interviewer actually wants to know your interest and the most important things in your life. First you have to introduce yourself in two to three sentences and then proceed telling your hobbies and interest which correlates to the job you have applied.

Speak about your accomplishments

You have to tell to the interviewer the achievements you have done along with the the graduate degree and courses you did during your graduation as a fresher. You can tell about the internships which you have done which will help you to fetch a job in the company undoubtedly.

“What isyour greatest accomplishment?” is one of the most challenging behavioral questions you can be asked during a job interview.


How to Prepare Your Answer

  1. S = Situation. In what context did your greatest accomplishment occur?

  2. T = Task. ...

  3. A = Action. ...

  4. R = Result.

How well you are fit to do the job

The interviewer will be tricky in getting the question from your answers. So we have to to convey our answers if we are really confident to resonate to the interviewer. Tell how you are fit to do the job with the minimum qualification as a fresher and in case you are an experienced candidate you can very well tell your experience in the particular domain.

The interview is a gateway to deliver our learnt knowledge before the interviewers and achieve great heights in our career.

Introduce Yourself Using These Interview Tips

  1. Dress to Impress. What you wear to a job interview can be as important as what you say. ...

  2. Greeting the Interviewer or Interview Panel. ...

  3. Beginning the Interview. ...

  4. Smiling and Positivity Count. ...

  5. Eye Contact and Confident Matter.

All the best for a great and successful future.