Usually people who has a pet with them have some qualities possessed within them.

Pets love us more than humans. But humans are not so, they change with their state of mind,tastes,interest and many more.

Immediate pet rejection will affect the pet psychologically.


Pet lovers ignore their pets not because they hate them but they found amuser in their family.

When a baby is born in a family, the family will reject their pets so as to prevent the baby from allergies and infection.

People are not aware that the main disease spread from human to animals.
Yes, its zoonosis.

A dog when it feels that its life is going to come to an end it will show a polite look to its owners with dazzling eyes open it will not engage so much with its owner. The dog will take itself to a place where it hides from the owner and when it comes to know that its life comes to an end it will die without causing trouble to any of its owners and will peacefully give its life to face the death. In these circumstances we should think that pets and animals have greater humanity and selflessness than the human beings.

Pets have a greater emotional impact when it is attached to its owner so we should not ignore them for a purpose in case of any unavoidable circumstances we can make our pets feel to detach them from us. This will make the pet to slowly detach it from us and move to a new environment where it can find a new owner and a family. They are so many tips where we can in engage with our pets and make them feel happy when we are around them this will make the pet to feel a sense of belongingness with us in all the the path of our life. The following are the various tips where we can get engage with our pets on the flow of our life

Tips to engage with pets

  • If you want to really ignore your pet due to new entrant you can avoid spending time with your pet and engage itself to a new atmosphere.

  • The above step will happen only with some duration.

  • You can consult veterinary doctor in order to to give some suggestions from dispatching your pet.

  • If you want both the pet and unavoidable interest you can allocate sometime for your pet in order to make it happy.

So these steps and the importance of not ignoring your pet would have taught you a better understanding that animals do have feelings greater than human beings.



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