The Future Of Internet Of Things

Jainesh Rathod
May 18, 2019   •  177 views

Future of IoT(Internet Of Things) is very bright .IoT is an interrelated system of Software, electronics, sensors, machines, things, people and many more.

As per Gartner Research firm

Upto year 2020 connected things are about 50 billion and world population is about 7.6 billion . This shows things > people.

As per Cisco -

“Internet of Things(IOT) USD 1.9 Trillion in the next decade.”

Some of the top companies hiring IoT developers are:

  • GE

  • IBM

  • Cisco

  • Intel

  • Dell

  • Microsoft

  • Amazon

  • RedHat ….

and remaining companies are moving towards IoT sector.

Following are some domains based jobs and business in IoT sector

  • Smart Cities

  • Transportation

  • Semiconductor & Components

  • Telecommunications

  • Healthcare

  • System Design

  • Manufacturing

A Google search for “Internet of Things” term reveals over 280,000,000 results, IOT is predicted to be among the top 10 trends for next 10 years.

Nearly $6 - $10 trillion will be spent on IoT solutions over the next 5 - 10 years.

  1. Businesses will be the top adapter of IoT solutions.

  2. Governments are more focused on increasing the less productivity, decreasing the large costs, and improving their citizen's quality of life which makes them the second-largest adapters of IoT.

Within IOT, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence will also lead the trend.

Current IoT Applications

Currently, companies are working on smart homes, where all appliances are controlled by IoT enabled solutions.

Similarly, we are enjoying a few smart grids with the ability to diversify electrical energy according to the needs of the consumers. Another IoT application is the smart machines in the industry. These machines can manage their own maintenance and servicing needs, while can also givie regular updates to the owner, over the internet.

The healthcare industry is an another one, which is taking the advantage of the available IoT applications. A smart solution for ensuring that medical records can be automatically maintained and the doctors can use them for improved diagnosis and monitoring of patients.

Future IoT Applications

One newly growing technology is the wearable gadget for smart functionality. Glasses, watches and armbands can all be further empowered with the use of IoT application, allowing them to create data for use.

The future of IoT is to have smart cities where all devices interact with each other, use edge computing, cloud storage and the capability to create intelligence that can make improved decisions.

The retail industry will also certainly change with some future IoT applications. With the possibility of using shops that can use smart sensors, the IoT solutions will improve the shopping experience and also offer customized solutions for all visitors.

So, these are my point of view on "How IOT the future of IOT will be?" and what is your opinion, do let me know.



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