7 Facts About World’S Tallest Statue: Statue Of Unity:

Ishika Choudhary
May 23, 2019   •  34 views

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel- “Iron man of India”.
He was the first deputy prime minister of India who played a vital role in India’s struggle for freedom. He helped in the integration and unity on independent India. The Statue of Unity is a tribute to him for him hard work and struggle in making free India. On his birthday, 31st October Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the world’s tallest statue- Statue of Unity.

It stands as the tallest statue in world:

With 182 metres beating all other famous statues in the world including Statue of Liberty (93 metres) and the spring temple Buddha (153 metres). It became the tallest Statue with the height of the base being 58 metres.

It will turn from bronze colour to green:

Due to Oxidation it will change it colour to green in 100 years. Firstly, Statue of liberty was dull brown in colour but changed into green in 30 years due to its natural aging process.

The statue can hold up earthquakes and wind speed around 100 km per second:

The statue is being constructed with steel frame, strenghtend with cement concrete and bronze coating.

Iron collected through donation had not been used in main Statue:

Iron collected from farmers was of uncertain quality so it was not used in the construction of main Statue whereas it was used in the construction of bridge, museum and gallery.

The base of statue consists of 3 floors:

The three floors consist of a house of memorial garden, a grand exhibition museum which will exhibit the contributions and life story of Sardar Patel. The museum have 2000 photographs, 40000 documents and a research centre all dedicated to the life of Sardar Patel.

It has a capacity of handling 200 people at a time, where it gives visitors panoramic view of the Sardar Sarovar Dam, and the Satpura and Vidhyanchal mountain ranges.

It is located on the river of Sadhu bet in Narmada district, Gujrat:

The Statue faces Narmada Dam and is around 3.2 Km away from Sadhu Bet.

Incredible India!

New India!



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