Tea is the most consumed beverage in the world. It has number of benefits, but it also contains a significant amount of caffeine. This caffeine will give you positive effects and gives you energy. However, you will become addicted to it if you will consume it more frequently and in large amount.

Nothing goes better with a tea than more tea.

You can’t start your day without a cup of tea:

To kick-start your morning and to boost some energy you always require a cup of tea. You can’t get out of bed without your morning tea; you need it before anything else. You will star to think which flavour will be more delicious and tea is your reason to get out of bed every day.

You spend way too much on it:

You are spending too much money on it by trying new fancy exotic flavours which others tell you and you find it fascinating. You are trying different flavours on different expensive and luxury restaurant/café. Your bank account will tell you that it is the time to cut off.

You have no further place to store it:

You have no place left in the shelf to store different flavours yet you are bringing it on. You do not have enough space to store it and you do not have enough time to drink it. My friend if you are running out of space do cut off from tea you are way too much addicted now.

You can’t remember how much cup of tea you had in a day:

You literally have no count on much tea you had in a day. You smell the smell of tea and yes now you drinking another cup of tea, and then another and then you lost your count. And this will tell you that your addiction is getting out of your hand.

You recommend tea to everyone for any ailment or mood:

You spend your entire time researching about different teas and their benefits. So at any time anyone wants a treatment you recommend them different teas according to the problem. From your side the treatment for any type of disease is tea.



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This was so true. 👍🏻
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