5 Easy Ways To Earn Money Online!

Ishika Choudhary
May 21, 2019   •  78 views

Want to earn extra money just by sitting at home, these ways will help you earn a little extra pocket money.

Earn money by doing blogging:

Making money by blogging is the easiest way if you love to write and learn about new topics. Just remember that money will not automatically flow in your account, you need to pre plan all the content and you must have engaged readers. It will take your continue work and experimentation to make money online.

Earn money via Smartphone applications:

There are many apps which will provide you money only by downloading and will provide you extra money if you invite your friends and they download it via your link. In some of the applications you have to complete a number of surveys in which they usually tell you to promote their site or their particular product.

Provide online training or consultancy:

There is a big scope in earning money online if you have some good skills that others need. You can provide online classes for English speaking or computer classes or any technical course or any other things in which you are professional or interested. Promote your business on Facebook or Instagram to increase your followers and to earn more pocket money.

Become a YouTuber:
YouTube is one of the trending website to earn money online. You can start your own YouTube channel and can upload some quality videos related to your passion. Your video can be of any kind from prank related, informational, comedy videos, DIY videos or any other which you think can attract your viewers. You will make money for each view your video receive.

Sell your old stuff on OLX or Quikr:

There are number of things we have that are unused from moths so why not sell them and make money through it. You don’t have to make any efforts just click the picture of the particular stuff and upload it; your buyer will directly contact you in regards of purchase. So it’s a easy way to make money just by sitting at home. Just find out your unused products and list them on OLX or QUIKR.



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