3 Ways To Bridge The Generation Gap In Workplace!

Ishika Choudhary
May 20, 2019   •  162 views

The generation gap is a real issue faced by offices today. To build a well organised and well managed organisation, managers and CEOs put together a diverse staff of talented individuals. A business will be success if your staffs are made up of different kinds of peoples.

Employing different employees with different personalities is not an easy task, to maintain them and to decrease the conflicts management has to maintain a bridge between different generations.

Don’t divide the workplace:

Don’t categorize the workplace according to the age. Grouping them differently for different tasks is not the best way to settle the differences between them. Differentiating them will create conflicts and unhealthy working environment.

A generation is bound by different experiences, but that doesn’t mean they are same. Integrating them will help organisation grow as they will combine their ideas according to their experiences.

Keep the communication system open:
Communication is the key in bridging generation gap. Keep the communication flow open, if they will be able to freely contact with the other person their chances of conflict will reduce. By directly communicating the ideas and sharing the experiences they will create a friendly and workable environment. Managers can provide some social events, some fun activities, parties through which they can know each other well and can respect each other’s opinions and differences.

Encourage teamwork and collaboration:
By engaging different generations in a same project, the gap can reduce and conflicts too. Collaborate them will definitely take out great ideas and solutions, which will help boost productivity and time management. But the major problem which occurs is they don’t want this type of collaboration, the last option the management is left with is to make it a compulsory or necessity. It will be awkward for them in the starting but later they will understand that how much fruitful it was and how much it helped them to grow professionally.



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