15 Basic Emojis We Use In Daily Life!

Ishika Choudhary
May 26, 2019   •  43 views

Being able to express yourself in emoji is one of my intense beliefs. You have seen them everywhere, in every social media platform, even on magazines, billboards.

Expressing your sentiments through emoji is the easiest way. You just have to send a single emoji which will show your mood of a particular time. Emojis are everywhere making our messages more colourful and light hearted.

You share the best relation with the one, whom you can send any emoji without backspace key.

But the problem is we use emoji in everyday life but we don’t their real meaning. 6 billion emojis are exchanged everyday and still we don’t know the real meaning of every emoji.

Let us know the real meaning of emoji for both work and play.

😊 Blushing face

😀 Grimacing

😅 Sweat smile

😂. Joy

🤗 Hug face

😍 Eyes filled with love

😘 Kissing heart

😛. Face with stuck out tounge

😏. Smirking face

😋. Face savouring delicious food

😟. Confused face

🙄. Face with rolling eyes

🤓. Nerd face

😔. Sad face

😙. Kissing face with smiling eyes.



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