Time just flies by! It usually feels like there is always some time left...and we actually don't
utilise the time with us.It is only when some particular moment pass by,that we later realise it's goodness and feel.Thinking about the future brings in anxiety.And being in the present raise up chaos.But thinking about the past has two different sides.Thinking about the good moments of the past simply pleases us and takes us back to those lovely times.While on the other hand, thinking about the worst situations of the past makes us regret a lot.So I would always suggest to just learn lessons out of the dark seeming past and simply cherish the beautiful experiences.

That is what being nostalgic is about.We come across various stages in life, one that of an innocent infant , a naughty school child , crazy teenager and yet more years to count on.Out of all that we come across, I would say that being a baby was the best stage and the next was of school life.

Thinking of our school , our classmates, those chit-chats and the senseless jokes always fill our minds.Sometimes we get lost in those sweet old memories. When we just turn pages of our childhood albums , is there anybody who haven't wished to stay the same like that cute little baby?

We get nostalgic many a times.May be on visiting those places where we created the moments, may be on receiving a surprising call from one of your friends or may be during a long ride . It all depends on how hard the moments have filled our hearts.It is sometimes impossible to forget even few traces of incidents that had taken place.

All we can do is Thank God for having gifted us those love filled moments and hope to create a lot more before it's time to go back to him!