All of us would have come across strange superstitions and stories, belong to families who believe and sometimes not believe in those as well.In different regions of the World, there are traditional beliefs ,which sometimes sound stupid too.

Ouija is something that every child would have heard and researched about.Yes, even I was one among them.But disclosing the most interesting part, I came to know about it from my mom. It was weird when she herself shared all her experiences on playing the game along with her cousins and friends in her childhood.I was startled at the beginning and didn't believe it as such. So , we thought of trying it at home ! The anxious me, gathered everything that was required and arranged the same. We actually do not require any previously made real ouija boards or something, it is so easy to make it ourselves and we made one on a black chart paper and wrote the numbers and words with a whitener on it.A coin and candle was left and finally we were done.

Since Mom seemed too experienced, that gave me all the courage to go for it,because usually I am that kind of a person who feared to even walk in the dark. And yes, we started...we lit the candle, spelled what was supposed to be spelled and OMG , the freaking coin did move to my shock!!!!!We asked normal questions and it continued to surprise me with answers.We did it for about fifteen minutes, the coin moved to the 'Goodbye' sign and that was the end.That was my real life experience.

I remained thrilled for a whole week.We then got used to playing it for timepass too, now my friends and cousins also joined .Later, when I was put to the boarding school, this topic again came up and I shared my own experiences of the game . So we planned of doing it again , this time it was a deep research through Google and Youtube videos , which sounded really risky. Still, we tried and that was another long story where we got caught and ended up writing apology letters to the Warden.

This was my Ouija story. It then turned to be a boring game and I haven't tried for long.Some justify the movement of the coin with scientific reasons and some believe in supernatural powers . But I do not fall into any of both those categories! All I can say is that yes, it was really a thrilling childhood experience and so far has not led to any such serious reactions , to be afraid about!