Google has several features which are very helpful to all of us.We often use Google maps to locate places and reach our destinations.But it's not only the google team who is behind this process.There is a community of Google Local Guides, who actually share information based on whatever they know and that is how the community expands, all what is happening is a simple exchange of information and helping each other.

So, to be a local guide is so simple that anybody having a google account can access it. Just like how one uses the other features of Google maps, this is another interesting feature , which most are not aware of.That is again where one has to explore!Once you learn about it , this becomes as interesting as a game, and afterall, you are indirectly helping someone in need.

In the google maps , on the left, where you can go on to your profile, there lies another item named 'Your Contributions'.

  • On selecting that particular item, a new page appears filled with the details regarding one's level as a local guide and the points earned as well.Based on the places you have visited, and your experience , all you need to do is share photos, videos, detailed reviews and rate it.

  • Try your best to contribute at a regular basis and be honest about your experiences.It is also copyright protected and hence no duplication is encouraged.


  • An easy social service , with less efforts.

  • You are awarded badges as per your levels and can avail exciting perks too(perks in kind and not in cash),which include:

  1. Discounts on OYO Rooms

  2. Redbus offers

  3. Invitations for International meetings of the community and a lot more........

Doesn't it sound interesting? Else, you would enjoy it once you are into it. So, that's all about the Google Local Guides community and I would encourage each and everyone to join the same and lend a helping hand for each other.