Time and Tide wait for None

For me, this is one of the most important proverb that lightens the ideas of living life. Each and every one of us has heard this proverb since childhood and also know the real meaning of the proverb. This proverb means time and tide are always flowing and they never stop for anyone.

The proverb itself is quite inspiring but the reason why this proverb is mentioned to us is more interesting or rather can be said fascinating. Since time waits for none we are told not to waste time. So, waste of time is the reason why we have to hear this proverb so many times since childhood.

Wastage of time. This is the most common problem that every one of us at every point of life faces it. And this problem is a never-ending one since most of us have grown a wrong idea about wastage of time. In childhood, some of us are told that except study everything else is wastage of time. This wrong idea is one of the most infamous reasons for destroying our beautiful teenage life. Similarly, most of the grown-ups think except for earning money everything is wastage of time. This further ruins all the happiness of our's and others live.

So what is really the wastage of time? For me, the answer is short and simple. Not doing the right things at the right time, overthinking about future and regretting about the past - only doing these three things are the wastage of time. Even watching TV, surfing the internet, spending time with family, playing games, chatting, having fun with friends, travelling, following your passion, etc are all necessary for life. But you shall do everything in their correct time. Now, you all will ask which is the right time to do what? No one else can decide that for you, not even me. Only you can decide yourself which is the right time for you to do what judging each and every priority of your life.

To me, the future is something which is mysterious and no matter how much you try, you can't be sure about the results of the future. So overthinking about something that you can't be sure is nothing but a waste of time. It is your present situation that decides the outcome of your future. Similarly, the past is something which is gone and will never return back to you. So regretting about your mistakes of the past which you can't even change is also a waste of time. You shall always give importance to your present situation. It is important that you shall take a lesson from the mistakes of the past and move on in the present so that your future remains always better. Only this way you can stop wasting your precious time of life.

Quotes :

“To waste one hour is a proof that you lack understanding of life.”

~Sunday Adelaja