"Happiness is a state of mine,a choice, a state of living, it is not something to be achieved it is something to be expressed" by Steve Maraboli. We always expect more from life rather than giving and being happy with what we have. Most of the people nowadays being pessimistic about all the things around them. Being pessimistic started to be a big problem,where we start to lose being optimistic and consequently leads to lose of selfconfident.

In our life being in great expectation for big things and worying about it , we are forgetting to enjoy all the small happy things in our life. Its our life, our choice to be happy are not. Its not in the hands of anyone if u want to be happy then no one can ever make you worry about your life. But if you decide to be not happy then no one ever can change you to be happy. Dare to be different.

We should have the habbit of saying no to someone or something. Its being a big problem with the adults, they were accepting whatever comes to their life thinking, what others might say what will the society say or think if I just stand alone in my own way , if I didn't follow what the society do. All were doing the same mistake but forgot to notice what we are doing makes us happy? It stands a big question to all of us. 'Do things what makes you happy even if you want to be stand alone'.

Following what others doing, instead of what makes you happy then later worrying and murmuring about it won't matter anything. Flow your heart, be you. Be happy its your life no one can change your life until you starts to change it. Living a happy life is a choice not a chance.

Be positive in everything it gives you selfconfidence. Makes you to believe in yourself in who you are. Which refects in your outer appearance that you are strong enough to show the world the real you. Living our life its our choice we can live it happy or sad, its up to our decision. Don't blame others for your sucking life when you itself takes no step to live it happily.

We can be happy not only in winning everything , we can be so jollyful even from failures because from everything we learn something that makes us to achieve what we want in our life. Don't let stupid things to break your happiness. There are many beautiful reasons to be happy. Be happy let your smile conquer the world.



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