Television - An Important Instrument Of Education

Himanshi Chawla
May 27, 2019   •  9 views

Modern era is the era of science and technology. Technology has become very advance today. Things which seemed impossible in ancient times are now possible , who had thought in ancient times that television can also help in imparting education.In modern age television has become a vital instrument of education. Through this scientific invention we can learn a lot like getting news, current affairs and discussion on social news.

Television plays a vital role in one’s life. It helps in the mental growth of the children. There are so many channels that provide knowledge to us. Channels like Discovery, NetGeo tell us about amazing discoveries happening around the world. TV advertisements aware the customers about various products available in the market. There are some educational shows also such as KBC which help people to scratch their brains in finding answers to questions which enhance our general knowledge. If we want to participate in discussions then we must update ourselves with latest information otherwise we will be a mere silent listener. Also, there are many news channels which provide us with the knowledge of world happenings. We can get to know news of every kind whether it is related to sports, business politics etc. through Television. People can listen news of their interest. Now- a- days there are so many news channels such as CNBC awaaz, Zee news. There are some programmes which inspirechildren and create in them a passion to achieve big things such as show of Subhash Chandra, Satyamev Jayate.If we are interested in science then there are some science related shows such as Big Bang and Brain Games. There are some channels like Discovery and History channel which shows epic and historical stories that helps in improving our knowledge aboutancient times which we can’t understand in school books properly.

At last I can say that, through television we can be warned about almost anything from a cyclone approachingto the fact that the stock market is falling. There is always something new to be told and television is one of the quickest ways to inform.