Google Soon To Replace Android With Fuchsia Os

Harsh Singh
Jul 01, 2019   •  75 views

Android has always been a favourite OS for mobile users as compared to ios and windows due to its user friendly interface , open source. Android was launched on 23 september 2008 and then it was contineously developed and supported by Google and open-handset alliance. From that day it has got almost 10 prominant version update and its latest version is Android Q .But due to its linux based kernal , it is less power efficient and it has various flaws and its was mainly developed for digital cameras. Up until recently we knew very less about Google's secret steps to remove these flaws and to over come these flaws Google is up with a very new OS named FUCHSIA.

Google's Fuchsia is one of the secretive projects of google that is being carried in google headquaters since early 2015 and now in 2019, google has disclosed that this OS is not based on linux but this OS comes on zinkron microkernal platform. Tech expersts also say that this OS will be morepowerful than android because its new platform.But still it is not confirmend weather this will be enrolled for browser or phones.

Google’s new OS is said to be scalabe and is optimised for long range devices which gives us a hint that it can be for our handy devices like mobile phones,tablets .But still Google havent disclose its whole idea of this latest OS. Android chief Hiroshi Lockheimer said that Fuchsia OS is aimed at bringing uniformity between all kinds of devices.

The first sight of fuschia OS was seen on GitHub in 2016, a website where you can upload your projects and can ask plople to help you with the same, Some people found it and touted it as a replacement for android, others said that its could be replacement for Chrome OS but the reality was that no one knew exactly what it was. Reading the code hinted at an OS that was intended to be run on multiple platforms.In an interview with the tech website The Verge, Lockheimer said that while the OS was purely experimental, it was about “pushing the state of the art in terms of operating systems.”

Ahead of official or beta unleash, Fuschia has made multiple appearances on the web.Last year, an entry on Fuchsia Gerrit, a source code management site for the OS, revealed the operating system was successfully booted on Honor's Play which is powered by Kirin 970 processor. But it was only for testing and the smartphone was launched with android 8.

If you want to test and experience the Fuchsia OS the you can check it on website.The landing page touts website as “Documentation for developing for the opensourceoperating system.” Fuschia OS can be same as Apples's ios, which works on its every devices and helps to create a ios ecosystem.But still these are rumors and no such statement official statememt is mad by Google. So lets see when Google will make its official announcement about its latest OS and launch the most powerful FUCHSIA OS.You canlook into Google’s Fuchsia OS developer website for more detailed info.



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