#Metoo- Source Of Truth And Destruction As Well.

Harshita Pandey
May 23, 2019   •  63 views

Ever heard of Me Too movement or rather more popular way of saying things these days, #MeToo movement? You definitely would have because in the past couple of years, it has gained such momentum that it had become widespread around the world. So I am not going to state the definition but for those of you who are not familiar with it, the movement is basically a medium for a person to come out to the world regarding any experience of sexual assault. The movement was founded way back in 2006 but started as a social sensation in 2017 after the tweet of an actress where she used #MeToo. This followed by numerous other people who shared their side of the story and how they encountered the situation of being physically violated. Many celebrities became a part of this, the only difference being- some were the victims whereas others were the accused.

Let me clear one thing that I am not going to narrate about my me too movement, I just wanted to share some of my perspectives that can be taken into account by any reader if he never thought that. It is very obvious that a victim would have gone through several mental traumas and physical pain as well and there is no doubt that the victim would have all the support by people but for a moment think about the accused as well. Ever thought that this accused person might be innocent but his inability to prove the same itself becomes the proof of his guilt? These victims shared their sufferings after so long that it became quite impossible for the accused to prove himself innocent and as we know, in such crucial cases, the victim always has an upper hand that automatically makes the latter a culprit in the eyes of society. Imagine yourself being in a situation where you are falsely accused of such a heinous crime and there is no way to substantiate coming off clean. I am not supporting any accused person but just giving an insight on behalf of every accused person who involuntarily was declared guilty by people.

Also, I read somewhere that along with Me Too movement, Men Too movement must also begin where men would tell their story of any sexual assault and I found this ridiculous. People have to understand that it is not any gender based movement in which only women are allowed to express instead it is for every person who has gone through this severe trauma. Also, do not mistake it as a source of getting attention and becoming famous. Many people use this in an awry way that not only ruins the essence of such movements but can also destroy the whole life of any accused person. Therefore, think before you do anything about it, your path to attention can build someone else’s path to destruction.



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Harshita Pandey  •  4y  •  Reply
Agreed with your point Janki Insan.
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R.Manoj Aiyer  •  4y  •  Reply
Matters but I agree
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Saurabh Mishra  •  5y  •  Reply
i agree ❤️❤️
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Janki Insan  •  5y  •  Reply
I agree. Many actresses who are accusing people did so only that they could get fame. I don’t get why didn’t they raise their voice when it happened. Looks like they valued their careers more than coming out with their traumas.