I won't say there is no difference or minute difference between reality and virtuality. But I'll definitely say that many people fail to note that difference and thus suffers a lot. It's good that nowadays social media and being virtual is common but do this gives a sign that we should move away from reality? Every day countless technologies are introduced for making our work time saving and beneficial. But are we using these technologies wisely? Are we really time-saving on it and making it beneficial for us?

Today, many of your doubts will be clear about real life and virtual life. Starting with what is actually virtual life. The one which never exists and we just living the life to make others believe what we are actually going. Real-life is what you experience, observe, create, fail, uplift yourself and make yourself worth it.

It's not that social media is all of the negative influences and wasting your time. People who are goal-oriented makes the best use of the social platform and make their life a success story. On deep thinking, if there were no social media there would not be any way to connect to people and showcase your talent. Also "people relate to what they have gone through". Virtually giving solutions to real problems without knowing it properly is not more than dumbness.

Understanding the difference between the two makes the situations more clear and proper. Talking about science in this is virtual reality.

Virtual reality is experience taking place within simulated and immersive environments that can be similar or completely different from reality. It is used for entertainment purposes like gaming and educational purposes make medical or military training. Initially, this concept was introduced to make people enjoy and experience 3-D training of medical and military where they can imitate it exactly. But nowadays it is actually ruining many lives. Today's generation is actually messed up with these games and has been totally mad on this wasting there time and money for no reason.

The perfect way to enhance your knowledge and experience new things is getting involved in positive topics and making it do yourself. Even when you fail try twice thrice and many times until you succeed. Be passionate about what you do. Living in artificial life is just wasting your time and making yourself an idiot body. If one except all things and doesn't question definitely it doesn't interest the listener or the reader.

Lastly, you can do anything from everything only when you want to.