Curiosity: Passion To Learn More

Harshita Garg
Jul 13, 2019   •  29 views

"Your curiosity to learn more decides your level of intelligence in the future."

Curiosity, the state of activeness and interest to know something new every time. When you stop questioning, you stop learning. You can live your life in your comfort zone and doing the things and tasks you can, but in this way, you would not able to learn something new and may get a downfall at some point of time as others who learns something new every time will be much knowledgeable and curious than you. It's not about competition but it's a way to make you realize that you have to be curious about things to upgrade yourself every day.

"The important thing is to never stop questioning... Never lose curiosity" - Albert Einstein

Curious minds are always welcomed and supported even if your thoughts don't match their words as it makes them sure that if you knew this thing you will definitely catch up their thoughts also. Let's see some reasons why your mind should always be curious to know things:

It makes your mind active instead of passive

The more you are keen to learn, the more your minds will open and will accept the turning world. If you are not ready to learn anything new, how would you change your thoughts according to the surroundings? Yes, it's not necessary that you always change them for others but there's nothing wrong in developing your minds.

It makes your mind observant of new ideas

If you are not interested in something new, how can you observe different things? It's important to come out of your comfort zone to make yourself better. And as I said previously, observing things matters more than experiencing them(if you can't experience, observe carefully).

It opens up new worlds and possibilities

New opportunities arise for those who are willing to learn something new according to the place you are working. If you are not ready to get out of your comfort zone, opportunities will lessen automatically.

It brings excitement into your life

Learning something new gets you out of your boring schedule and makes everything interesting around you.

Now, let's see how can you develop this amazing habit by working daily bit by bit:

Be an open mind person

Never give up while trying something new. Ready to learn, unlearn and then relearn the things and in this way you will be able to learn all that you are curious about smoothly and easily. Also, don't compete with others who are already in that field where you are just a beginner. They have faced that struggles which you are now facing. Be patient and passionate about what you are learning.

Don't take things as granted

Don't get overconfident if you succeed in the beginning. There are deeper challenges waiting for you. Try to dig deeper and surface beneath is the gold mine of opportunities and challenges. Never stop anywhere. Just keep learning things and growing.

Never rate something boring

At first, don't take it as granted and tag it as boring. You haven't experienced it yet so you can't tell that it's boring or interesting.

Try to connect with the diverse world and try to learn something in every field. It's good and important to learn everything about what you are interested but it's not good to rate something boring in which you are not involved. Try connecting diverse areas for yourself to become more knowledgeable.

Be curious forever

Creativity follows curious minds. New innovation follows creativity. Never lose curiosity. Be hardworking and try to find out solutions to your problems, start questioning, keep solving.

"Curiosity is one of the greatest secrets of happiness."

Curiosity can be a dangerous game if not handled properly. It's not that curiosity is always a boon. If you start thinking there is actually no end to it. It can be dangerous sometimes as you may leave reality and starts imagining things in order to learn more. This can even result in getting you the worst life.

"Curiosity is the hunger of the human mind."

One should know how to handle things properly and to the limit, he can do it.