7 Ways Of Time Management: Smart Work

Harshita Garg
Jul 09, 2019   •  47 views

Aggressive and frustrating targets, strenuous projects and multiple commitments: our life is stuck between these affirmations. Irrespective of your working field, and level of intelligence, you may feel confused, stressed, and facing a shortage of time at some point in your life. The simple answer to these problems is Smart work instead of Hard work. It's not that smart work does not consist of hard work and dedication, but it also saves your time and efforts. Let me actually explain it with an example. Not always hard work is beneficial, suppose you have to cut the grass and imagine using household scissors and you are doing it with all your efforts and dedication. Would it be a good choice? Here's when smart work comes to play. It's not about tools, it's about smartness in work. Let's discuss some tips for smart work :

Walk away

It may sound counter-intuitive but this is what actually we should do. Walking away from things that are actually making you stressful and impatient is the first step of inculcating smart work techniques. If you are not able to solve an issue even after applying all your knowledge and tricks, just walk away from the task for some time and involve in other tasks. It may be difficult but it is time saving and efficient way of doing things. Come to the task again and start with a fresh mind, you will definitely crack it with just more references and knowledge.

Eliminate distractions

This is but obvious fact of applying your whole concentration on important things and leveraging the least important one. The best way to confine yourself to your work is just to take a look at your important social media sites, emails, and phone calls before starting your work. It will make your mind free from all the unimportant issues and thus you will be able to concentrate effectively. Just finish your work and then switch to unimportant tasks. Don't create unnecessary distractions for you which results in habit-forming at last.

Work on strengths and weaknesses

As I have previously discussed in my blog about Self growth

It's only you who knows you more than anyone and you can only improve yourself. Just look at your strengths and weaknesses once and for clarity note down somewhere for the reference. It may sound a crazy thing but it is effective. Once you write things you always remember them. Also, keep yourself growing by some of the other methods and work on your weaknesses and accordingly practice the things you are good at.

Work in chunks

Doing things in one go is tiring, unhealthy, and inappropriate and may result in low quality work. Make a proper time table for every important task and include breaks after every 30 minutes or if you have short of time keep it after every 1 hour. A short break of 10-20 min makes your mind and body relax and charges itself for the better work after then. For instance, writing a blog of 1000 words by dividing it into five 200 words work is a much better option than working on it in one go. Breaks will give you new ideas as well as being prone to everything around.

Pre-planning and prioritizing

Imagine the morning days when you are getting late for your work and not getting perfect clothes, not having breakfast, not having all the things you need and eventually arriving late for the work. It happens more than 70% of families in the morning. Here's what pre-planning and smart work come into play. Pre-plan your important works at night and even plan your day a night before what to do after what. In this way, all things will work smoothly and easily. Also in pre-planning prioritize your work keeping more important and urgent things firstly and then miscellaneous ones.

Stop multitasking

Multitasking doesn't save your time, it actually that you keep on transferring yourself from one work to another and in this way you can't focus on anything. Do multitasking in a different way like checking your social media sites when you are watching TV or news while working out.

Stay relaxed and happy

Don't overburden your mind and stay relaxed. Plan your work and do it accordingly with patience and concentration because this is for what we are working, satisfaction and happiness.

"You can't do things fast with a stressful and diverted mind."

Do your best according to you.