After writing some blogs about common people around relating to their behavior and thinking, I thought of writing something new. This blog is especially for the people who want to join blogging or presently are writing blogs. These tips may help them to grow their blog very well. What makes the audience stay a long way on your website? What makes them share your blog to everyone they know? What relaxes them and gives them great peace of mind? Let's discuss these questions.

Quality of content

The first and most importantly is the quality of content that matters a lot. If you are starting a blog and writing about a particular niche, then you can make more viewers on the first or second posts by sharing but if your content is not useful to them or felt them boring they wouldn't visit your website anymore. Content should be such that it indulges people and can relate to their real life. Any hypothetical story may not lasts long but a real lesson keeps people's mind awake and fresh.

Relate to the audience

Relating to the audience through your content is another way of making them visit your website regularly. "Hey! Hope you are doing well!!" Through this way, the audience gets attracted towards your content and it makes them read till the end.

Discourage Plagiarism

Do you know why plagiarised content is refused every time?

Okay!! for the viewers let me tell what plagiarism is. It is the repetition of the exact words from any search engine and copying the exact content. Plagiarism is often discouraged because people have read the idea before and once you gave them an article which is read before, they would stop believing your content and finally cut-off from the website. Audience respect new ideas and indulge in new, knowledgeable and interesting content.

Regular Updates to your blog

Regularly updated content helps your audience to not cut-off from your page/website. If it's a weekly or monthly updated channel then updating content timely plays an important role in keeping your audience happy. Even when your content is good more posting on the page may not lead the audience to feel bored and may not ignore your posts never. Thus, proper updating of the page is the key to achieve more and more audience making your blog a success.

Proper techniques of promotion.

These days more of content writers especially bloggers uses SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION technique as the marketing technique to gain more views and to successfully run there page. If you don't know what SEO is, let me tell you. This technique is based on the fact that some specific keywords should be used more and more in your website content as when anyone searches that keyword your blog/content should appear at the top which indulges more and more people to your website. But also at the same time, using only the keywords in the content may bore the audience and they may stop reading. Therefore, having the knowledge to use the keywords correctly and at appropriate palace makes your content good, indulging and famous.

Now, when it comes to sharing of any content people firstly relate it to themselves and then think the best person or maybe the group for sharing your content. Informative, interesting, not too long, and indulging content attracts most of the audience. Thus, apart from the sharing techniques, working on the content is the main area which is to be worked on firstly.

No short forms

One more point that should be taken care of is not to use short forms in your website content as it may be not known by everyone and maybe eventually lead to your downfall. Also, any wrong content written with half or less information may disconnect your page to the audience and they may not trust you afterward.

Thus, content writing is a part of almost every market strategy as it is the only way to communicate a large number of people who can actually buy your product, can extract information from your content and finally uplifting your website too. Therefore,

"Best content attract the best audience".



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