3 Things You Should Follow To Fight Hard Time

Harshita Garg
Jul 19, 2019   •  35 views

We all face hard times in our life some or the other day. By hard times, I mean all the problems we face in our daily lives, every small and big problem whether it is too fight with ourselves for completing work on time or fighting with the fear of trying something new that you think you can't do at all. The problems don't take you down but it uplifts you, it uplifts your passion to learn, it upgrades your performance, it upgrades your talent, it upgrades you. Challenges and barriers are the sign that you are doing something good because no barriers come for those who do nothing. Still, some get frustrated, disturbed and tensed while facing them. Here are I am going to discuss three important tips that will help you to face hard situations and then you will be able to work for yourself truly without thinking what others will say. Let's begin:

No past, no future

Let's start with a small example. What if I imagine all the work that I have to do in my whole life then will I be able to do any work any time? Obviously not. And what if I imagine all the work I have done till now? I will not be able to come out of that work ever. Thus, it is important to be in present, not in the past, not in the future. Concentrate on what you are doing presently, not what you have done in your past or not what you have to do in the future. Thinking about both the extreme will only waste your present time.

Yes, it's important to think about the goal in future but to reach that goal it's more important to work today and concentrate on your journey rather than the destination. Living in a day-tight compartment is one of the best ways to fight with hard times because most of our problems arise due to our thinking about the future or past and not working today.

Do nothing

It means to actually do nothing. Yes, nothing. If the conditions are not according to you and situations are not under your control, just do nothing and let the time pass. Like if you want something and you are not able to get, then you may be frustrated at that time and doing anything in that period of time will only lead to something wrong. Just stay relaxed and don't do any important work in such a time.It is the best stress relief therapy.

Do daring tasks

What if you have hydrophobia and you become the best swimmer in your country? This is what makes the difference. Some are unable to get over their fears because they never try to do so. They have made up their mind that I can't do this and of course, you will never be able to do that.

"Try something you were always been afraid of. Surely, you will feel much better than before."

Some of the greatest speakers today had the fear of speaking in front of people yesterday. This is what let you grow. What will happen at maximum, you will fail. Let it be. Trying something new and failing is much more acceptable and exciting than not changing your habits and spending your whole life with such stupid beliefs that you can't do this. Initially, start with small steps and then jump to big steps when you are confident enough to do so.

I hope that these three things will have a positive impact on your lives if followed properly.

"Perfection comes from Problems and Barriers makes a person best"