Weird But Useful Inventions In The World

Hardik Pathak
Jun 25, 2019   •  57 views

Recently I was reading the newspaper and found a common yet very useful device invented by a very intelligent person whose name is, Dominic Wilcox.

The name of his invention is, "Periscope Glasses". The invention is useful because it lets people see over the heads of tall people standing in front of them. This is a very useful invention made especially for the short-sighted people. The inventor of these glasses belongs to the United Kingdom. The invention was also given a name which was, "One foot taller" glasses because it adds one foot to the person who uses these glasses.

This was one of the most unique and a useful invention which I came across so I thought of sharing it with my readers. When I started to read and search more about this I found an image of this wonderful gadget which I would love to share with you all guys.

This picture was shared by Wilcox by himself on his Instagram profile and it grabbed my attention very quickly. As you can see, the gadget is looking some weird but it's very useful for shorter guys.

The second invention which I found on Google was The Roller Buggy, which is also one of the weirdest yet a useful thing used by people in foreign countries.

This is a multi-functional baby carriage which is also convertible into a scooter. It helps today's generation mothers to attend the parties as well as take care of the baby too very easily. It has a simple pull motion attached to it at the lower part of the body which makes is unique and very useful.

The third invention which I came across was very nice and a very useful one. The name of the product is, "Dogbrella". As the name is suggesting it is an umbrella for dogs which help us to take a walk with our dogs even it is raining outside. It has a handle which the person holds and has an umbrella shed attached at the end of the stick for covering the dogs. The inventor of this product is not yet identified but it is available on Hammacher Schlemmer.

These were some of the weird but useful inventions which I came across and that is the reason of sharing with you guys.

The next invention which I have seen on Amazon was a very good product made for the babies. It is basically used by their mothers but the product is made for the babies. I know this might seems to be confusing so without any more further read please, have a look.

It is used in a very unique style which you might find to be funny but it's a very famous product used in foreign countries nowadays. It is fit on the head of the child and gently the shower starts which does not affect the baby's face.

These were one of the weirdest but useful inventions which provoked me to write about them. It might be outdated one day but would be remembered for a long period of time.



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Thank you soo much!!!
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First invention is really weird but it catches my attention is really good .....thnks