The Secret is a quite old film, which one can watch on Netflix as well as on youtube.

The movie is streaming on youtube in different languages and is also available for download. It is also available on Netflix.

Well, coming back on the topic; the movie secret is based on the real concepts of being positive in life. As staying positive not only solves many problems, but also avoids many problems.

Problems never come with no solution, they always come with more than one solutions. It just depends on the way we think. If we take every problem as a challenge, or we see them in a positive way we will definitely find solutions, whereas, if we see the negative side of the problem we would just be wondering that there is no solution to the same. We would only panic and end up nowhere.

This whole philosophy is well explained in the movie’s part where they tell us how to deal with a problem. Moreover, a problem is only temporary. And life without problems is nothing. It is said that problems are the reason where we can test the bond of our relationship.

If you are in successful relationship then your partner will definitely help you no matter what happens. And if he/she doesn’t turns up then you will finally be able to see the real face of the person. No matter how angry your partner may be if the feelings are genuine then he/she will be by your sad always no matter how hard the stone becomes.

Thus problems are the main reason which brings two people closer, and also helps us to differentiate between real friends and fake friends surrounded near us.

One must definitely watch this movie. It will surely bring positive vibes inside you. The movie doesn’t only talks about the problems faced by us but also discusses about thinking, love, money and many other important aspects of an individual’s life.

In this article I have just discussed the topic problems but will surely cover other aspects of the movie in the upcoming articles.