Netflix Film “The Perfect Date”

Geetika Achantani
Jun 07, 2019   •  46 views

The Perfect Date, is a film streaming on Netflix, which was released on 23rd April 2019.
This movie is of great interest for the youngsters, as well as teenagers. The movie opens with a college scene, where a poor guy meets a rich guy and falls in love with his car. The guy asks him to take his car and his sister for a college function, as he was alone at home that day and wanted to spend some time with his girlfriend. The guy agrees for the same. He takes his sister for the college fest. Over their he falls in love with a charming and gorgeous lady, who was his friend’s sisters’ friend. In order to talk to her and get in her contact, that guy asks his friend’s sister to help. Meanwhile she helps him, and they both fell for each other.

Since the guy belonged from a poor family, he didn’t have much savings nor good amount of pocket money. So he decided to open an app or rather a dating app through which he would be able to earn money. Meanwhile, the girl on whom he had a crush agreed to be in a relationship with him. After this, many conflicts arise between them and the girl who supported him in every way, as well as between him and his best friend. Later on, they both started dating each other, when he told the girl the truth about his work, no actually he didn’t tell himself the truth. He had been exposed accidentally, while, they were attending a party, he met a lady for whom he had worked previously in order to earn money. She exposed him to his girlfriend. And his girlfriend left him at that very moment.

The heartbroken guy, went home and told his dad about the same and felt sorry for the same, and decided not to work anymore with that app. He was also feeling sorry to insult his good friend in front of everyone.

Later on he realized, that they both were made for each other and one fine night the three of them met that is him, his friend’s sister and his best friend and that day he finally confessed his feelings for her.

It is rightly said, that what is meant to be will always find it’s way and also true love has a habit of coming back. This story even made me realize that we should not wait for the perfect moment to confess our feelings, because the perfect moment may never come and you might get late. I wonder what if the girl also would have moved on and had into been in a serious relationship, would the guy would have gotten her princess!? The answer is “NO”. Since our life is not a story tale or a film, we should cherish every moment and make the best of it such that we never regret later in life. Like I wish I would have confessed at that time.