There is a popular series on Netflix named “Little Things”, and this series has two seasons. It teaches us that happiness doesn’t only lie in having a big bungalow or rich friends, but happiness lies in small little things.

Generally, people think that gifting a diamond necklace to his wife, on her birthday will make her feel special. No doubt, it will. But spending time and making that day memorable will make her smile even more, even if you don’t gift her a necklace. See these are the little things which make life perfect.

Happiness doesn’t lie in foreign trips for show-off, or going to seven star hotels, just for the purpose of status symbol. But true happiness lies when one is happily doing the things he loves, not for the sake of showing-off or for status symbol, but for himself. That is real happiness.

While coming back to the series, it is streaming on Netflix. It tells us the story of two people, how they met accidentally, and fell in love and how in small things they used to find happiness. Apart from it, it also shows that how little things are enough to break a relationship, how ego can become a barrier of communication and how one can have misinterpretations. It also teaches us how the little things in life matters, from the point of everyone or rather every aspect is shown in the series.

It is a short series, each episode is hardly of 20 minutes on an average. Whatever content they have shown in the series is hundred percent based on real life. If one is in a relationship or is married then one must definitely watch this series, as it might help you to communicate better with your partner. It might make you realize that to make a relationship work there should be mutual efforts and not one-sided efforts, how one-sided efforts affect the relationship in long run. How to make everything clear and lastly and the most importantly, one must be sure and mature enough to take a decision, no one should take a decision when in anger, because decision made in anger results in conflicts. Moreover, one must not run from the problems instead of running one must face it.