The movie which was released on 21 june 2019 was a superhit film. The story’s main character is kabir singh and he falls in love with a first year student Preeti. They both manage the college life as well as their personal life in a decent manner. Later, for further studies kabir shifts to another place whereas, Preeti still continues to be in delhi in order to pursue her course. They meet and everything goes good until, Preeti asks her parents for the marriage.

Preeti and Kabir’s family belonged from the same place that is they both used to live in the same city. Preeti wanted to ask her parents for their marriage but then Preeti’s parents denied for the same. Later on Kabir again went to Preeti’s house in order to convey them and tell them the truth about their relationship and how they were together in the past years. But pr4eeti’s parents denied again and threw Kabir out of the house. kabir is a short-tempered guy, been short-tempered he lost his temper that day and gave Preeti six hours to convey her parents for their marriage and also slapped her.

Preeti tried to convey Kabir to give her more time but kabir denied, and he left Preeti and went to his home. Later Preti tried her level-best to convey her family. But none of them heard her voiuce and she was left helpless.

Six hours got over and Kabir lost her Preeti. In it’s grief he injected himself with drugs and went for a two days sound sleep. Later, Preeti comes to Kabir’s house to tell him that they need to do something as Preeti’s marriage was fixed with some other guy on next day itself. But as soon as she enters Kabir’s room she finds him drugged and so she conveyed the message to his elder brother.

After two days, when Kabir came in his senses, Preeti had already got married. Still, Kabir went to her house and created a scene but it didn’t affected Preeti. She didn’t even turned back to look at him.

Kabir was heart-broken as well as disappointed, so he decided to leave the house and stay elsewhere. He was a surgeon, he started drinking a lot and made a bad habit of drinking before performing surgeries. He did all his surgeries after getting drunk yet he failed in none of them. Later, one day this fact came infront of the medical council and then he himself revealed the truth that yes he used to perform the surgeries after consuming alchol. But he used to take atmost care of his patients and till date none of his patients had suffered because of him.Because of this fact, his license got cancelled.

After passage of time, he came to know that his grandmother was no more, so he went home after six months. Later, he decided that he would go for a vacation and then he will join the family business. While going on the vacation he saw Preeti in the garden. But he decided not to talk to her. Later on his return, he met Preeti and saw that she was pregnant. Later they cleared all the confusion and misunderstandings due to which they both had to stay apart from each other since so long. And then ended up marrying finally and living together happily.

Thus, it is rigthtly said that misunderstandings can break the relationshipsand can create a lot of confusions. So it is better to act maturely and clear the misunderstandings, rather than acting like a kid and running away from the reality.