Four More Shots Please:- Amazon Series

Geetika Achantani
Jun 06, 2019   •  40 views

Four More Shots Please is a popular web series streaming on Amazon Prime Video India Originals. The series focuses on the life lead by independent women, in today’s generation. Four strangers, who coincidentally met one night at the Truck Bar become best friends and then they do gatherings and are always available to help each other at every moment. They all share their problems and try to give solutions to one another. This show has 10 episodes and amazon prime has also declared that they would soon be releasing the second season of the same.

The show follows Anjana as a lawyer and single mother who is trying to balance her personal and professional life; Damini as an aspiring journalist, who faces problems in her field; Umang, a fitness trainer and a lesbian; and lastly Siddhi, who is struggling with weight issues and trying different ways to look better which doesn’t bother her, but bothers her mother, as her mother is overcritical about everything.

These all characters come together in every episode and share the realistic things, which usually happen in the society.

For example being a single parent is not at all easy, the lady faces many consequences, when her ex-husband gets a girlfriend and introduces her girlfriend to their daughter. Well, on the other side, Damini wins many awards for her website, but after sometime, the people working with her ask her to write nothing but gossips in the blog; Damini being a care-free journalist denies for the same, and due to which she faces many consequences in the office in her day-to-day life. Umang, the gym trainer falls in love with a well-known or renowned actress, later on she discovers that the actress too is interested in her and they decide to get into a relationship. Nobody in Umang’s family knew that Umang was a lesbian, but the actress was not open about her sexuality to the world. After some time, Umang becomes serious and confesses to her to publicize it. The actress denied for the same as she knew that it would turn out to create a very bad impact for her film career. Lastly, Siddhi, she is a pampered girl, she has a passion to eat and live a carefree life, while her mother always argues with her or taunts her to reduce weight such that she gets a good looking as well as charming boyfriend.

All the four girls, try to solve their problems in a unique way. Let’s see what happens next in Season 2 of Four More Shots Please!