New Release Of Netflix "Chopsticks"

Geetika Achantani
Jun 06, 2019   •  60 views

A new film of one hour forty minutes, was released on 31 May 2019, starring Bollywood leading man, Abhay Deol as a con man and Mithila Palkar as an unlucky woman who teams up with him to find her stolen car.

Well, the recently launched film on Netflix got good coverage in just a span of seven days. The movie tells us about how one should deal with different situations and no situation has one single solution, the situation comes with more than one solutions.

The shooting was done in Taj Lands end, Bandra, and in the local markets of Mumbai and again a short part of three to four minutes was shot at Mumbai’s Railway station.

The story follows a girl from Aurangabad, Nirma, who is quite simple and is working as a translator in Mumbai. Due to her simplicity, as well as sobriety, she is ignored by her co-workers. One fine day she goes to the showroom and buys a car. The car number plate totaled to eleven, which was quite unlucky for her. She believed that number nine was lucky for her, so she argued at the showroom but nothing happened. While returning from office, she goes to the temple, and over there she hands the keys to an unknown person who tells her that he takes care of the parked vehicles near the mandir, and she got fooled and that guy stole the car. After sometime she realized the same and then goes to the police station to report for the event. But the police said that it is quite impossible, as the car was not stolen from anywhere, and she herself had given the keys to the theft. Still they insured her that they will do their best in order to get her car back. Later she discovers a person called “Artist” who had high contacts and was helping other people since eighteen years. She goes to him and asks for help. Artist’s coming changed the whole life of Nirma. He taught her how one must face such situations without doing panic, and how to take things positively in each and every situation , no matter how hard it becomes.

At the end, they successfully get the car, and then the Artist also finally gets a platform to make his dream of being in a reality show of cooking with Sanjeev kapoor true.

I would like to recommend this movie to all those who think that they are the only ones who have problems in their lives and are about to give up. One might watch this film, may be after this you might find solutions and it might give you a positive array of hope.