What was the ultimate goal of existence again? Oh right, that was happiness.

Not to confuse that with earning money or being successful, happiness is the reason for our being.

There is no secret ingredient to being happy, it all depends on you. Those little things that make you smile are so important and they should not be compromised for anything.

Once you get old, these are the moments you will look back into and reminisce about how you lived one hell of a life and made the most out of it and achieved the ultimate goal of man’s existence.

Happiness is not only a goal but a need for survival.

These little things like watching cricket with your entire family, having chai and gossiping with your girlfriends, having late-night phone calls with your guy friends and arguing over the most random incident to even helping your little brother sneak out of your house to meet his friends (apparently)

These moments are priceless and should be a part of your life no matter how busy you are.

Having the will to find happiness even in the darkest of times even in the smallest things is what makes life worth living and worth having struggles just to get over the difficulties to achieve of happiness.

Ever had a day where you felt like it should never end? That is how you should want your life to be. You should live every day of your life thinking it should never end because of how happy you feel.

After 30 years, you shouldn’t have to wake up one day and regret that you were not happy all these years.

And blaming someone else for your unhappiness is not right. Because you, only you are responsible for your happiness and how you achieve that, it is up to you. Figure it out, because you have to do that every day for the rest of your life.

Even on days when you feel low, the days when life couldn’t be worse, the days when things are going great or even the most difficult days, all of it.

There is no secret ingredient to happiness; everyone makes their own mixture.

Get your head out of that phone screen and look around, you will be surprised to see the little things and moments that you will cherish all your life.

Yours truly,

That one annoying happy-go-lucky kid in every group