Have you ever felt happy cancelling plans?

Have you felt relieved that you could stay at home instead of socialising?

If yes, then you have JOMO.

JOMO has emerged as a state of mind since late 2018.

Earlier, people used to be guilty of cancelling plans to just stay at home in their own company, but now everyone has started embracing this feeling and moreover, enjoys it.

People who have embraced it like to stay at home and take time away from the crowd. People always misunderstand that only introverts enjoy spending time alone and prefer to cancel plans to stay at home. But that is not true. It is seen that all kinds of people, including extroverts sometimes just want to take a break from the excessive socialising and want to have a chill time watching Netflix.

The joy of missing out does not imply that you get joy form cancelling plans, but it also talks about the feeling of contentment you feel when you opt out of doing something that everyone else is doing.

Socialising and maintaining a group involves a lot of pressure and broadcasting your life across social media just to keep up with everyone else is just exhausting.

That feeling where you do not care if the party you missed would turn out to be amazing or just being happy by nothing at home while missing a perfectly good opportunity to socialising.

JOMO has helped people make time for themselves and stop worrying about the pressure of socialising and not feeling burdened while doing so.

It has changed the perspectives of many who used to go with the flow and do what everyone was doing just to not feel left out.

In recent years, people used to consider going out or partying as the ultimate form of finding happiness or enjoying. But this past year proved that wrong, when people realised that fun is not subjective to whether you have gone for a party or your life is ‘lit’ according to your peers.

Your idea of fun can be ordering pizza at home and just not uploading 20 Instagram stories about how much fun you are having while doing so.

I think every person experiences JOMO to some extent. Like who would not choose to watch Tarak Mehta over going to a late night party? Come on, it is all about priorities.

Yours truly,

Someone who does not really watch Tarak Mehta.