The Madness Within Indian Families

Gayatri Menon
Feb 06, 2019   •  80 views

Ever asked for permission from your mom and she said ”Ask your dad” and when you ask your dad, says “Ask your mom” If you have been a part of this game, then you can relate to this.

As a part of growing up in an Indian family, we face a lot of judgement from our society (mostly from aunties who have way too much free time)

They used to say ”Follow your dreams” but little did we know that we would be forced to choose our career our parents want it to be.

There are times when your dad starts cursing at the driver who cut him off, but even if you daresay some curse word, then you will have it from him.

The way Indian parents insult is by comparing you to Sharma ji ka beta and then proceed to tell you the ten things that are wrong with you.

The solution to all our problem according to our Indian parents is to wake up early.

And the cause of our entire problem is using our phones too much. Be it a fever or even food poisoning.

Convincing your parents to let you keep a pet is the worst tide unless you are ready to listen to a lecture about how messy and unorganised you are as a person(also you will be given a choice: either you stay in the house or the pet stays)

That amazing time in our childhood when we were used as a source of entertainment for our bored relatives. ” beta, uncle ko dance karke dikhao” sound familiar?

If your parents are yelling at you, then the only person you go to is your grandmother since she is the mother of all mothers.

The only reason you help your relatives and obey them is because you know they will give you some money.

Also, has your family ever camped at the airport five hours before the flight timings? Because mine has, for sure.

Every aunty will force feed you so much food and when they meet you next time comment on how much weight you have gained.

Waiting alone at home to just open the door for the maid can only happen in our families.

Every time you try looking for something at home and you can’t find it but when your mom searches for it, it magically appears.

I have heard “go study” way more than “Love you beta” from my parents.

Nobody can deny that Indian families are the most entertaining, dramatic and loving. Their love is proportional to the extra marks you get compared to Sharma ji’s son.

Yours truly,

That kid who has always been compared.