"putting the binoculars of ""what is trending"" we are walking and walking without even looking on the path on which we are walking..."!!!!

When we go for shopping we usually ask the shopkeeper to show what is trending. Isn’t it?

This is how we are getting influenced by trends and but one thing should be noted is that walking with time is one thing and running after trends is another thing.

Walking with time means we are accepting the changes which are necessary to live a happy life but following trends means keeping aside all our interests and personal likings, we are following the interest of society....

Today we don’t accept or apply what we like but what society likes. From dressing up, choosing our wardrobe to decoration of our home or whatever it is, we are bound to choose from what is trending....

Isn’t it irritating? here’s a question, why we are getting education? Answer is simple, that education allows us to make choices and stand in the world independently.

But this activity of blindly following the trends puts a big question mark on our education. Just think for a while why we have to choose another stuff if we are comfortable in our choices? Just to be praised from the society?

Try to give priority to your interest because the praise from an outsider is of few moments but our inner happiness is eternal.