We often hear that television is an idiot box, and to some extent it seems true as we do nothing in front of TV but only sit...

But wait... everyone says we do nothing in front of TV but only sit, so here’s a question that what should we do in front of TV when it is made for sitting and watching????

TV was made so that we get to know what is going around the world, know about our country, freedom struggle, and most important , so that people can gather and sit together and discuss over important matters.

But today, we use the television idiotically and we say that TV is an idiot box,

We should understand that how much we need a television to watch in a day and then proceed accordingly. Means we have to balance between how important it is and how much importance we are giving to it.

Scintifically it is said that telivision lowers down the speed of our imagination as unlike newspaper and radio we get everything like vedio and audio at the same point in case of telivision.

Technology and inventions are done for our comfort and making the things easy but it is in our hands how we interpret them and use them.

Today children have no ethics in life like when they have to do what.... it is on their mood only, that they anytime turn the TV on and sit in front of it, also it is very true that TV shows have no limits today, they show what they want irrespective of the society, ethics and effects on younger generation. But they do so as they have huge audience with them who accept those illogical things and even enjoy.

So basically the core of the thing is that our environment is in our hands only, we get what we give...



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Thank you 💖
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Good one!