"Our all time supporters, hide all our mistakes, and with whom we feel like best friends....This is how we can define our grandparents. "

Those past incidents, those fairy tales, those priceless 2 rupee coins from grandma, those kacchi kairis, everything was amazing and these moment make our childhood really beautiful. It is really surprising when we think of our childhood where our grandma and grandpa gave us freedom so that we could enjoy each and every moment but at the same time they ensured our safety too, we never felt restricted while we were with grandparents, also never felt boring, how they did it na???

But how time change our interests and situations, now in search of joy we either wander in the malls or become the part of huge crowd at tourist places but can these places and malls replace those evening walks with grandpa? Now in search of taste we eat pizzas, burgers but can these replace those laddoos of grandma ? Absolutely NO.

Above mentioned two examples are small but deep, they show that we can’t replace true joy with fake pleasure. Our relations are truth and the society is fake but today everybody is attracted towards fascinating, colourful, and big society but we should understand that

our existence in this world is equal to negligible but we are precious in our home...

So keep it necessary in your life that you have to spare some time for your relations which are fading day by day...