The Growing Popularity Of Vegetarianism

Gaurangi Sharma
May 18, 2019   •  157 views

Vegetarianism promotes a natural way of life.But despite its implicit message of universal love and non-violenceit has not spread, as it should have.This may be because usually is an inward -looking habit and is best cultivated in the mind.Leading a vegetarian way of life helps the animal kingdom to coexist with man. The animals supply milk, manure and energy. This has been central to the Indian culture for thousand of years.A vegetarian lifestyle is natural, multifaceted,and helps self-preservation in a healthy way.Food and health are closely related.

In India, a vegetarian is usually a lacto-vegetarian.In the western world,vegetarians are sub- divided as "vegans" pure vegetarians who do not take any food coming from animal kingdom. Lacto-vegetarians,who use dairy products of the vegetable kingdom and lacto-ova-vegetarians.The last category includes eggs, I addition to dairy products.The wester science of food considers food as something to sustain only the him an body, whereas the indian science considers food as something which sustains not only the body, but also maintains the purity of heart, mind and the soul.Thus an item of. food which is injurious to the mind is not considered for for consconsumption, even if it is otherwise beneficial to the body or satisfies the taste.Indian food science does not give so much importance to protein or even to the balanced diet but it gives importance to food that increases the strength of the body and its virility.

Vegetarian food provide an infinite variety of flavours, whereas non- vegetation food have to be seasoned with ingredients from vegetable kingdom to make them palatable. In most sport disciplines,vegetarians leads in endurance tests."You are what you eat" is an old saying and it is a fact that is a food that makes the man.The food we eat, its quality, quantity, its trimming and combination is of utmost importance to healthy life.

It is significant to note that USA nearly 30-40 million people have adopted vegetarianism in the last decade.More and more intellectuals In UK, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Israel, Mexico, Russia and its former allies are gradually turning to vegetarian diet not only on ethical and humanitarian grounds but also for health and ecological reasons. In UK, surveys have shown that the medical bills of vegetarians are considerable lower than the non-vegetarians.Further the premium rates of insurance in Ssssdone categories are also lower than those of vegetarians.

Extensive studies by a group of Bombay doctors have confirmed that vegetarianism offers protection from coronary diseases it prevents and helps management of most of the Gastro- intentional Jesus and the suitable for all non-insulin-dependent and insulin -dependent diabetics. Neprologist use the dietas a Major part of their therapeutics. A vegetarian diet is more useful in in the treatment of liver disorders including the last stage of liver failure when the dietary intake of fat is to be reduced. Vegetarians tend to have lower blood pressure. Lacto vegetarian diet with high fibre content low acid and high vitamin and Minerals prevent and to a certain extent relieve thfelt with the progression of arthritis.