Beautiful city with beautiful culture , intersting old cultured stuffs yet seems trending their , tour from station to your hotel will confuse you why it is called as "The Pink City".. hahhahha so i called it amber city it is quite confusing but the colour of city's old monuments nd forts are "reddish orange" colour the colour is called as "AMBER' it is a shade of red nd orange. JAIPUR is the capital of Rajasthan with rich heritage and beautiful amazing culture and can say the food was so tasty that whenever i memories jaipur i feel the taste of chokidhani's food on my toungue it was so yummy ad tasty from that pizza and burger ..

Chokhi dhani is 20 km from the main city it is attractively constructed in a open land like a ethnic village it is a village in itself for enjoying and having fun with family and friends it is beautifully structured nd have all the traditional fun and enjoyments like rajasthani dance , music , flok , traditional hokkha , and many more the real rajasthan lies in that ethnic theme village ,the rajasthani paintings ,bani thani art, the wall decoration ,dipak wal, the fresh air , the evening perfomances the enthusiams , the manuhar it means it gives the delightfull dinner with variety of rajasthani tasty food nd chach made of curd nd the food is served in traditionall way in dried bannana leaves nd butter in small mud bowls nd water and chach in mud khudlhar and rajasthani turban on your head the entire place gives the feeling of belongingness it feels like entire village and staff working their feels like family members the way they serve and help chokhi dhani is not a place to visit for me it is being a feeling since i have visited it.

Amer fort the another alluring attractive fort it is widely spreaded in 4 square and 11 km from jaipur city it is located on hill it takes whole day to see and enjoy every place in fort , fort has the elephant ride , there are different means of transport which make you look fort but you may not choose gipsy you can't enjoy the fort so its better to walk and visit or take a guide on two wheeler or take your own vichele , the fort has meera temple and it was first time i heart that their is something like krishn meera temple i always heard of radha krishna temple , the fort is built by meena's and the fort is connect to meena bazzar which has old culture stuffs and natural dyes and natural fabrics , the market has 7 mm weighted rajasthani footwears and the real leather jackets the market is bit costly but it has traditional and natural things and the market is runnied by meena's group of people , the fort has kali mandir which has the big line of people for darshan of kali ji in navratris from far away and i was their on 9th day of navratri so i got to have bhandara which is organised by retailers in near and it serves to more than 10000 poples and other than navratri bhandara is held in once a month which was so tasty. It has many more places to which its has many mini and micro fort inside it.

Hawwa mahal is constructed with red and pink sansdstone but again it doesn't look like pink its amber in colour it is 5 floors exterior with 953 small windos it was renovated in 2006 it is palace of passing wind nd breeze it is in mid of market area.

Amar Javan Jyoti another favrouite palace in jaipur it gives the feeling of being indian it is a must visit for history buffs and to honor the sacrifies of our indian soldiers , the place is beautifully designed and super informative as well , must visit in evening when sound and light show is presented for public it is a pure peacefull place everyone must vist it.