A Way To Defend Covid-19- Virus Game

Gaurang Bhalotia
Mar 06, 2020   •  6 views

As the whole world remains to be grappled by the pandemic of ghastly Coronavirus, people all over the world are trying to find cure and ways to deal with ‘COVID-19’, which includes efforts being made in the fields ranging from vaccinations to medications etc. However, one of the most interesting trend recorded amidst the Coronavirus outbreak was that of the sudden increase in the number of people playing a game called ‘Virus Video Game’.

The Virus Video Game is built upon and takes place in the player’s hard drive of the computer, with various folders, files and documents being represented by 3D rooms containing viruses. The goal of the player is to navigate through these rooms and battle against the viruses in order to ensure player’s survival in the game.

The boundary between Reel life and Real life often gets blurred with such kind of games, which is also evident in a Bollywood movie called ‘Ra One'. In this movie the protagonist goes on to create a very powerful character called Ra One in a video game. Soon Ra One enters the real world and kills the mainstay of the film.

It is the human tendency to find ways of survival and sustenance in the times of crisis, and maybe the incorporation of the concept of ‘survival against the virus’ from Reel life to Real life, from hypothetical filmy life to present life, is the reason that comes into play for the rampant increase in the number of players of Virus video game.

To conclude, the fear of pandemic of Coronavirus can rightly be attributed to the increase in the number of players in the game. And also, it is this fear that has led people to forget that a very thick wall stands tall between Reel and Real life.

~ Gaurang Bhalotia