Not so long ago, a transgender woman, Muhlasiya Booker 23 years old, was attacked by a group of males in US. And now the word from US is that she has been found fatally shot in Dallas yesterday only. Not only this two more transgenders namely Claire legato and Michelle Simon were also killed this month only.

LGBT stands for lesbian gay bisexual and transgender community and at this point is the most discussed and targeted circle in the entire world. But is targeting them a normal thing?I think what our problem is that we tend to concentrate on other’s more than we concentrate on ourselves. Why do we need to protest if two people of the same gender are attracted towards each other?We live in a free world and are soaring high with each passing day and there is no point in restricting people from falling for each other.

Every year, a huge number of LGBT people face huge issues related to violence, unemployment, discrimination, poverty and the above quoted examples prove the statement. But this community has managed to kick forward and prove their worth. Scores of LGBT community people have broken the ceiling and achieved a lot.

Anjali Rama from Nepal is the first transgender modal and is so stunning that she has walked at international shows too. Manabi Bandopadhyay isthe first transgender princioal of Krishnagar Women’s college.Manabi is the first trans genderin India who got her doctorate degree in philosophy. Shabunam Mausi is another transgender who took a tough road in her life and contested elections from Madhya Pradesh constituency. What is amazing is that she won the elections and served as an MLA.

This proves that they toocan do wonders and our society has no right to broach upon their sanity. Respect LGBTQ. They are just like you, slightly with better choices.Their lives matter and their stories too



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Wonderfully written!