Ramadhan is a month of absolute attainment of spiritual and physical gain for this world and the afterworld too.It’s the time when Muslims fast from dawn to dusk and ask forgiveness for the past sins, pray for future guidance and try to refrain from everyday evils, thereby purifying themselves through self restraint and good deeds.The basic objective of this month long process is to mould the behavior of its practitioners in such a way that they turn out to be ideal human beings.

Chapter 2,verse 185 in the holy book of Muslims Quraan talks about Ramadhan. This holy month comes with huge benefits in various aspects and nothing in this month is without the objective of bringing a post change into humans.Ramadhan fast can be a natural and effective way to detox and revitalize the body but we must try to follow a healthy eating habits. The organs start their repairing process and metabolic rate reaches its optimum level.

Not only this,Muslims attain spiritual bliss too.Fasting is a spiritual exercise where man relinquishes the things he loves, only to gain closeness to his Maker. This month is a month of forgiveness and all the previous sins of devotees are forgiven if honestly asked for. This month increases the patience level and concentration too. A person attains serenity, tranquility and peace of mind and soul.

Thus, fasting purifies the mind and helps a person gain control over his ego and base desires as well as teaches a person how to modify his behavior and change bad habits into good ones. Fasting also teaches patience, thankfulness and modesty. These are all qualities that Muslims strive to perfect and fasting is one way that helps inculcate them in our daily lives



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