Kashmir has been rightly called The Paradise On Earth. It indeed is a mesmerizing place and its beauty leaves a deep impression on mind. The snow clad mountains,clear water streams and bushy green forested areas are the best words to describe the natural beauty of this valley. Today let me give you an insight into Kashmir culture which is highly influenced by Iranian culture.

Even the slightest mention of the word food waters our mouth. Mouthwatering delicacies of Kashmir leaves one's stomach full but tongue still carving for more. Rogan Josh is a popular dish in Kashmir which is a-must during weddings or any other special occasion.Made from lamb, this was brought into the valley by Mughals. This is usually taken with rice.

Pulav is another signature delicacy of Kashmir. It is basically sweetened rice prepared using milk, cinnamon, saffron and ghee. This is also served during weddings. This is the best thing one can put in mouth.

Yakhni is yet another delicacy. This is made from lamb using yoghurt gravy and is also taken with well cooked rice.

Let’s now take a look at other cultural aspects too. If you go to Kashmir during winters, you’ll find every kashmiri covered in a long cloak which is referred to as ‘pheran'. It’s the traditional outfit for both men and women. However last year wearing pheran to offices was banned butsoon after a month this ban was withdrawn.

There’s no home in Kashmir that is without samovar. It’s a tea kettle made from metal which is used to storing and serving tea especially nun chai. The taste of the tea prepared from samovar is completely different and I must say, the best.

The kashmiri culture is very vast andone can’t put it up in just one write up.