Few years back, I accidentally happened to see an episode of a very famous show,F. R. I. E. N. D. S, and I can’t feel more blessed. This show has carved a permanent place in my heart and will continue to be there. TV shows come and go but some linger on forever. This insanely famous 90’s show continues to be the best SitCom ever and is the best stress buster and has the power of transforming one from a pensive mood to a cheerful one. After seeing just one episode, one forgets about the worldly affairs and completely gives his/her heart to it. Rather, it takes away ones heart. Packed in ten seasons, this show is a balm to all the worries and features six immensely talented artists who we don’t know by their real names but by the names they shared in FRIENDS.

Every character forms an integral part of the show. Despite being fictional characters, one feels like they’re for real and one can relate to every character. The series also reminds you of the importance of having friends in your life. The whole series revolves around 6 reckless adults who live in Manhattan and take up a lot of risks which makes their life exciting and happening. It really is a roller coaster with cliffhangers in the last episode of every season which you cannot resist

Chandler is the sarcasm king and his satirical anecdotes are Beyond epic. He’ll forever remain the funniest person the television has ever produced.

Racheal is the prettiest girl of the group and goes through a major transition throughout the show. From leaving Barry at the altar to becoming an independent women, she epitomizes girl power.

Phoebe has the beautifully awkward personality and stands out-of-the-world. She is the most childish character with oozing confidence who sings terrible songs and yet attracts everyone towards her.

Joey is the best friend one can ever ask for. He is the most carefree guy who likes"girls on sandwiches. " He is the roomate of Chandler and together they entertain the audience. Joey dates a number of girls and once falls in love with Rachel too.

Monica Geller is the loud organized girl in the series. She’s a wonderful cook who holds the group together. And yes how can one forget, she likes the furniture in its accurate place. She ends up marrying the sarcasm king, Chandler

Ross Geller, Monica’s brother, is the cute paleontologist who ends up having a platonic relationship with a monkey after his lesbian wife ditches him. He later on ends up with Racheal.He gets married thrice and divorced too.He has two kids, Ben and Emma, both from different wives

One does not want to consider it a mere TV show but is something that has become a part of the binge watchers. It changes a person permanently into a better one.



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