All You Need To Know About Migraine

Faarizah Zargar
May 17, 2019   •  29 views

Migraine is the most common disease that has engulfed within it around 10 million people all over the world. Migraine is defined as the headache of varying intensity with can last for few years and in some cases life long. This usually attacks one side of the head and then spreads to the both sides. But the fact that is relieving is that migraine may ruin our day but is not fatal at all.

Migraine has been classified into various groups:
Migraine with aura, is accompanied by with various symptoms before the headache. The symptoms include vision problems and stiffness in joints. Migraine without aura, occurs without any warning signs. Migraine without headache, occurs with various symptoms except for headache. The symptoms are nausea, increased sensitivity, sweating, etc. Many people who get migraines notice certain foods can trigger them.Common food triggers for migraines include:

  • processed foods

  • red wine

  • alcohol

  • chocolate

  • caffeinated beverages

Migraine as already said above is not fatal. But if the symptoms bolster or strengthen, it may lead to strokes, which according to Dr. Patrick, Director of Neurology Department at Stroke Centre, US, is the 4th leading cause of death overall the world. So, we all must be aware of the symptoms: numbness on one side of the body, losing the ability to walk in a straight line, craving for certain foods, irritability, increased urination, hypersomnia.

In North Carolina, a mother of four children died as she ignored the severe symptoms of migraine. She was just 39 when she lost her personhood because of ignorance. So, we don’t need to get panicked about it but if one is experiencing any of the symptoms, he must see his doctor and take preventive measures.

In order to cure this, one can also resort to natural remedies. Applying an ice pack on forehead, neck and scalp gives instant relief from headache. Optimum amount of caffeine can also be consumed to cure the ache but if taken in excess it can also cause fatigue. Buttebur and fewerfew, medicinal herb, can also be used to cure migraines. During migraine attacks, hot showers are soothing and relaxing. Cherries and peppermint is also of great help during migraine.Intake of Ginger can also prove helpful. Lastly,light exercise and meditation can also prove very helpful.



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