“Love”, what comes to your mind? Probably a glimpse of the person you’re with? Maybe a far-off image of you and your wonderful spouse lying on the couch and catching up on some shows on the typical lazy Sunday afternoon? Someone who’s always there for you and has your back, defends you when you are not there and looks at your photos and smiles when you aren’t there with them by their side?

Someone who wouldn’t trade you for anything no matter what and would never break your trust and is always conveniently there for you right when you need them? Someone who’s always so special and unlike others.

Well it’s a good picture and all however it’s really sad how the media indirectly pressurises it’s viewers to find true love to be complete or promotes the idea that life is empty without romantic love. Yes it’s great to love somebody and to receive that selfless love in return however it should not be a mission. It isn’t something you can force or make yourself all about because human beings are so much more.

It does stand true that we as people desire connection and affection. Someone to vent to when things go off track and you aren’t really sure of yourself. It would be great to have somebody to care about you the most.

Its just sad that everybody has an induced mentality that falling in love is going to be the best part of their life (there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it if is) but that’s not the definition of love. The media has made it out to be something so necessary and of utmost importance that people feel pressurised to get married at some point of their life even though they rather wouldn’t have settled down and chose to explore the world for them self and cross things off their bucket list.

I am not saying that love is unnecessary but it is just heavily promoted. It’s great for you if you have found love and you consider that to be the best aspect of your life. That’s absolutely your decision. But someone people feel as if they aren’t important if they don’t have a significant other.

We as society need to stress so much more on the idea of finding true love in friends, or a job, a book or a movie, or maybe just life in general.

Falling in love does not necessarily have to be a stage in life and marriage isn’t one of the phases. It’s completely okay if you don’t want that for yourself for any reason and nobody should try and tell you to “hurry up, or you’ll be too late” or “you have to go through with it at some point or you won’t be happy” because that is not their place to say.

Romantic love isn’t the only form of love and you do NOT need to fall in love with expectations.



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