We all hit dead ends so many times. Everyone’s lost at some point in life if not at all times. There is always an invisible but heavy burden of expectations that we are walking around with, that just does not seem to go away no matter how badly we need it to. Chasing happiness gets repetitive and fruitless, sometimes we feel like we are stuck driving into to a wall repeatedly with no accessible reverse gear.

Don’t give in. It is very tiring and lonely to be stuck in the same path we are in without any sense or sign of progress and the feeling of hopelessness seems to dominate overall. Here’s what we can do : fight it. I am not telling you to accomplish everything in a single day, we all spend some days in bed thinking that others are more sorted or less lonely but that is not the case. Cling onto hope for it is more crucial than your struggles and it will help you through it. Be optimistic and do not give in.

The core of struggle is to be surrounded by heavy feelings of hopelessness, loneliness, guilt, worthlessness and still somehow manage to fight it. It does not need to be a 100% effective, even just trying is counted. Taking time off to rejuvenate and take care of yourself is also a sign of improvement. Whatever it is that you are struggling with, do not let it dominate the theme of your life.

Don’t surround yourself with hardships, allow yourself to enjoy the hustle. Do not tell yourself that you won’t get what you deserve unless you struggle, it is just an element of achievement and it isn’t all that there is to it. Do not be in a tired state permanently and do not burn your days trying to reach somewhere. This journey and these days will map your life, do not waste it.

Make yourself much more than just the word “struggle” seems to suggest. Do not let it be the only driving force in your life. Find other reasons to smile and get out of bed everyday and still hustle. The work you are doing and the goal you desire to achieve does not lie at the brink of struggling but it lies when you realise that you do not need to struggle anymore and you are happy with where you are in life and you are comfortable with your schedule and success isn’t too far away.

Make it now.