Guide To Finding Inspiration And Happiness

Esha Patel
May 04, 2019   •  69 views

In today’s day and age, a lot of people find themselves lost, conflicted or unsure about their journey or their previous decisions. This often leads to confusion, self-doubt and lack of inspiration to find another way.

A lot of times, taking a step back and evaluating your choices is necessary. However when it leads to constant self-questioning or inner turmoil you need to tell yourself to stop. We already deal with a lot of negative emotions on a daily basis and we don’t need ourselves to add another one onto the list.

Here are a few things you could try to tackle your emotions and carve out a path to happiness and find inspiration along the way

Rely on Healthy Distractions:

Whenever you feel like you’re being overwhelmed with stress or confusion, you should always take a break to take a step back and figure things out instead of panicking. For instance, take a step outside to get some air or keep all your work far away from your plane of sight and enjoy a cup of coffee while listening to music and once you’re calm go through your issues one at a time and list down possible solutions.

Try out Meditation Apps:

Meditaion apps such as Calm, Headspace, Simple Habit etc. have always proved to be extremely effective for me. They help declatter your thoughts and work well when you’re stressed or looking for inspiration. It only takes up to 15 minutes and it’s also a healthy habit that can help boost your confidence, so it’s an overall win-win situation for you!

Know when you’re overwhelming yourself:

Yes everybody is racing to the finish line and it’s a sprint to reach the peak, but the other steps may not work for you if your to-do list is never ending. You need to fit in break for yourself in that jam-packed schedule otherwise it’ll just be you drowning in your hard work with little to no time to appreciate your efforts.

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone:

Finding inspiration can be a challenge especially when you’ve already tried out all that there is, or have you? When you find yourself continuously hit a dead-end you need to realise that this calls out for taking a different route! Change up your schedule and try to make space for something new or something you’ve always wanted to do. Wanted to learn a new language or take a graphic designing course as a teenager? Well now here’s your chance! This may open up different paths for you and spark your interests in new opportunities.

Start a blog:

For me, keeping in touch with my feelings or figuring out what I wanted to do had never been so easy. While writing a blog you tend to bring out your actual thoughts and vent our your feelings, it’s a very healthy way to figure out what you may want for yourself. It can expand your ideas and you can always find inspiration in admiring other writer’s works or even your own! At the end of the day, trying out something new has always proven to give a result!



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