“End of the f***ing world” is what I recently found when I was looking for something different to watch. It’s a Netflix original added to Netflix in 2017 and it has been confirmed to have another season.


Heres what I personally think about the show : it’s just eight episodes long ( about twenty minutes each) which is why I was able to finish it in a short two day span. I was surprised by the amount of content it contained and it was fast paced and extremely interesting, I could not get myself to take my eyes off the screen.

I was was a bit skeptical about it during the first two episodes and almost considered abandoning it but from there the story really picked up and the plot deepened. The characters which were initially rigid and unrelatable turned out to have a lot more backstory to them which gave them an emotional depth.

The show centres a “psychopath” James who was looking for somebody to kill (despite my expectations, the show did not turn out to be very violent or gruesome, to my joy) and came across Alyssa, a girl which her own share of pain and abandonment hidden away in her past.

Both of them seem to take an interest in each other and decide to run away together. They deviate from their initial goals and put into each other their faith and emotions and develop a heart-warming bond filled with care and trust. They both realise that they are different and can understand each other and make each other feel safe and more comfortable in their skin.

They have a well built relationship which progresses throughout the show with its own twists and turns and brings hope to the viewer in a place where nobody thought it could be found. I am personally looking forward for the second season to come out to see what happens next (the show sort of ended on a cliff hanger) and I am glad that I stumbled upon this series since it has given me a new perspective to life since it added a sense of understanding to me which I previously did not have.

What we know about season 2 so far : there still hasn’t been an official release date yet however it has been confirmed. The series is however rumoured to be aired around late 2019, and will most likely be available on Netflix near early 2020. Season 1 is currently available to watch on Netflix.




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Khushi B  •  1y  •  Reply
I also enjoyed this series even though in the beginning i was finding it little boring.
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Au  •  1y  •  Reply
Great one